How The Little Rabbit Learned to Hop came to me one day as I was returning from my farm. I truly feel it was inspired by God! The ideas kept popping into my head and I could hardly wait to get home to put them on paper.

I found that I was assuming the role of my main character —Rosy Rabbit— and trying to provide sketches and artwork that depicted her travels and encounters with others animals as she ventured away from home trying to learn to hop.

I found myself looking for find names of all the other animals that would be easy for a child to remember. Names like Freddie, the frog; Connie, the cow, and the like. What fun this was becoming! I wanted to work on the script and artwork almost every day until I finished.

I even showed the preliminary story to some mothers at church who read it to their children. I was encouraged as to positive feedback I received from them causing me to want to get it published right away.

I would most definitely appreciate any feedback from you and your children about the book. Depending on the popularity of this book and the sales, there may be sequels to How The Little Rabbit Learned to Hop. Please respond to this blog and let me know if you would be interested in a sequel.

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