Advice To Youngsters

I believe that reading a good book is excellent therapy to avoid stress in today’s busy lifestyle. Reading relaxes the mind and stimulates the brain. Too many children are just too busy with their cell phones and other video games that they have no time left for relaxing. Those little minds ar

Children’s Book

How The Little Rabbit Learned to Hop came to me one day as I was returning from my farm. I truly feel it was inspired by God! The ideas kept popping into my head and I could hardly wait to get home to put them on paper. I found that I was assuming the role […]

Mystery Book

Wanting to write a mystery book, and a children’s book, has been something that I have wanted to do for a number of years. I started with the mystery book and wanted to pattern my style like that of Carolyn Keene who wrote many Nancy Drew mystery books. I always enjoyed reading them as a [&hel